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homemade dog treatsDog owners are always looking for a better way to feed their pup.

dog food plr packagesIn 2018 there were over 30 different dog foods recalled. Some of these recalls were based on the food causing serious illness. The trend continues into 2019 with 20 different dog food recalls so far.

healthy dog food plr packagesIf you look at the label of dog treats and snacks you'll see ingredients that may surprise you, unpleasantly surprise you.

plr packagesOver 50% of households in the United States include a dog.

plr packagesNearly 78 million dogs in the U.S. are pets.

plr packagesThe growth trend is increasing. The amount spent by each household has increased 25% from five years ago.

plr packages150 million people in the US live with a pet dog.

plr packagesMore city dwellers are becoming dog owners.

plr packagesPet Safety products are becoming more popular.

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There are so many options in the dog niche. Dog training, dog food, dog books, dog accessories, dog beds and crates, dog leashes and collars. The opportunities are seemingly endless. Don't think that because this PLR package is focused on dog food that's your only niche.

Think what products you need to make homemade dog food such as mixers, food processors, baking pans,

Amazon, one of the largest retailers in the world offers a huge variety of dog products. There are over 100,000 options in dog training products alone. Nearly 200,000 products when searching for dog collars. And over one million, yes one million in dog supplies.

Get into this lucrative market with this Dog PLR package

Healthy Diet - Healthy Dog - Homemade Dog Food PLR.

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Included in this plr package are 10 posters made from those photos. dog food plr packagesdog food plr packagesdog food plr packagesdog food plr packagesdog food plr packagesdog food plr packagesdog food plr packagesdog food plr packagesdog food plr packagesdog food plr packages

dog food plr packagesIs Commercial Dog Food Safe? Short Guide of 1816 words


Components of Commercial Pet Food
Animal Protein
Vegetable protein
Animal Fat
Potential Contaminants

Other Controversies regarding Commercial Pet Food

Even if Commercial Dog Food is Safe, Is It Nutritious?

The Bottom Line: Conclusion about Commercial Pet Food

dog food plr packages15 Tips To Help Your Pudgy Pup Lose Weight 610 words

20 Toxic Foods For Dogsdog food plr packages

dog food plr packagesHomemade Dog Food and Snack Recipes Ebook

Wouldn't you get bored eating the same food meal after meal, day after day? Think about it, that's what your dog faces when you feed them commercial dog food. Some dog nutritionists believe that commercially prepared kibble isnít sufficient, and incorporating people food in your dogís diet might be better for them, either as a supplement to dog food, or as a substitute. It is true that many of the nutrients and enzymes that were in the original ingredients are destroyed through the high heat used in processing them into kibble.

The fillers in some dog food, the grains such as corn, wheat and rice, are used simply because they are cheaper and thus the pet food company makes more money. Corn, the number one ingredient in many pet foods, is difficult for dogs to digest, and may be a link to maladies such as obesity, diabetes and kidney problems, say these nutritionists.

All these recipes have been taste tested by two canine companions, Rose, the Irish setter, and Kate, the English Springer Spaniel. It's 4 paws up from them.

Dry Kibble Recipe

Bone Broth

5 Beef Recipes

5 Chicken Recipes

5 Pork Recipes

3 Miscellaneous Meats: Fish, Turkey recipes

3 No More Dog Food in the Pantry Emergency Meals

10 Snack Recipes

homemadedogfoodplr packages

dog snacks

dog food recipes

homemade dog food plr packages

There are no refunds for this product. Healthy Homemade Dog food

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Healthy Homemade Dog food

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