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business coverJenn Brockman and I have collaborated on a huge Business Startup PLR package including a business planner, 4 reports, 12 business articles, 12 covers and two bonuses. Find out more at Jenn's site.

You Can Edit, Brand, Monetize & Publish This Content As Their Own. This package is full of quality content you can use to grow your list, use on your blog, social media, create products from and more. You get...

1. PLANNER: Business Tracking and Planning Templates

2. REPORT: The Basics of Business (3,000 words)

3. REPORT: Choosing Your Home Based Internet Business (2,800 words)

4. REPORT: Virtual Real Estate (2,000 words)

5. REPORT: 21 Day Action Plan (or Challenge) (4,200 words)

6. ARTICLES: 12 business articles (5,700 words)

7. Covers: 12 Covers in 2 styles


• Business Checklist - Getting Started

• Learn the Lingo - Understanding Business Terminology (3,700 words)

Find out more at Jenn's site

Fall Photos PLR package

We all know that blogs, websites, and social media posts all generate more interest with photos. Now You Can Provide your subscribers with 21 unique photos with a fall theme. These are brand new photos not tired old pictures you see all over the net. These are png photos most are 1560 by 2080 More information

But that's not all you receive. As part of the package you get a Favorite Fall Supper Recipes Book. 12 recipes for perfet fall evenings. Over 5,000 words. Use the recipes on your blog or website.

purple mumssunflowersyellow rosesyellow mumsharvestMore information

The Hauntingly Good Halloween PLR Package

jackolanternThis is a huge package of Halloween themed content and graphics. A 6,000 word ebook including Halloween decorations, treats, activities, safety tips and more. Sell the ebook, use it as a lead magnet, give away or pull apart and use as blog posts or articles, 12 page Party Planner, Themes for 5 Halloween Partiles another 2500 words, 8 articles for another 2500 words plus 12 original photos. Hauntingly Good Halloween PLR package.

The Essential Health and Wellness Journal/Planner PLR

healthy lifestyle

Declare Your Independence from an Unhealthy Lifestyle Everybody from grandma to teenagers, single men to grandpas and everyone in between wants to get rid of belly bloat, jiggly thighs, love handles and big butts. And feel healthier in the process. It's a huge market.

This Essential Health and Wellness Journal/Planner PLR provides the ammunition to take aim at this profitable niche which includes, of course, weight loss, but also healthy eating, exercise, building muscle, and having more energy and less stress. Find out more about the Essential Health and Wellness Journal/Planner PLR package

Healthy Diet - Healthy Dog - Homemade Dog Food PLR

Everything you need to start your own dog niche. Set up a blog, send out a newsletter, give away the ebook or sell it. Set up a social media page to promote your dog products. It's all here. Included in this plr package are 9 Articles on Dog Food and Nutrition.10 photos and 10 posters made from those photos. Is Commercial Dog Food Safe? Short Guide of 1816 words. 15 Tips To Help Your Pudgy Pup Lose Weight 610 words. 20 Toxic Foods For Dog And an ebook - Homemade Dog Food and Snack Recipes Go to Homemade Dog Food PLR

Sleep Disorder Treatment PLR Package

fall asleep fastSleep disorders affect 60 million people in the United States. That’s 30% of the adult population. Nearly everyone has had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. It's a common problem affecting all ages from children to grandparents. This PLR package gives your subscribers 52 ways to get a sound nights sleep, a list of amazon products, graphic images and more. Go to Sleep PLR

Garden Mania PLR Package

garden journal articlesLet Your Bank Account Bloom. Grab Your Share of the nearly $40 Billion DIY Gardening Market. Harvest this gigantic Private Label Rights PLR package of a 12 Month Gardening Journal and Planner of 66 pages, 12 garden articles, and 12 garden photos. But that's not all as a bonus you also receive 49 Tips For Terrific Tasty Tomatoes. Go to Garden Mania

The Whole Foods Eating Program is one of the most Popular on the Internet.

healthy eating plr The challenge is after a few weeks you run out of ideas for meals. That problem is solved with the Whole Foods PLR package. Now You Can Provide Your Readers with Valuable Info about how to combine delicious mostly plant-based foods into bountiful breakfasts, luscious lunches and delicious diners the whole family can enjoy. You receive Whole Week of Whole Foods Recipe Guide including 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches and 7 dinners, social media posters, charts for how to cook beans and grains and more. Go to Whole Foods PLR.

debt management plr Manage Your Way Out of Debt If you're in the debt management and how to reduce credit card debt niche, this is the package for you. "Manage Your Way Out of Debt" provides much needed relief for people drowning in debt. It clearly explains each method of debt management: settlement, consolidation, credit counseling and bankruptcy.

This strategic bundle plr package regularly priced at $37.00 is now only $12.95 It includes 8000+ word ebook, 12 articles of 400 to 500 words each. 21 Autoresponder series of 100 to 150 words each, 12 Tweets, 8 Social Media updates 50 to 100 words each, and 5 memes. Find out more about Manage Your Way Out of Debt

Blast Off The Fat
Private Label Rights Strategic Bundle

The Holidays are here. And you know what that means --- New Year's resolutions are just around the corner. Weight loss is one of the top resolutions. Everybody from grandma to teenagers want to get rid of belly bloat, jiggly thighs, love handles and big butts. Our Blast Off the Fat PLR package give you the ammunition to take aim at this profitable niche. .

Weddings on a Shoestring Budget PLR Package

The average bride spends $28,000 on her wedding. And that doesn't include the bridal party attire, travel expenses for guests or wedding gifts. There are over 2 million weddings each year in the U.S. alone. That's a $300 billion market every year.

Every bride wants to save money. Now is the time to grab this PLR package. Weddings on A Shoestring Budget PLR packagePackage includes 9000 word ebook, 21 tips, 3 ecovers and 3 matching headers. Weddings are an evergreen market.T

Pamper Yourself Like a Princess PLR Package

essential oils Create Your Own Spa: Homemade Body Scrubs, Hair Treatments, Cleansers, Lotions and Potions. The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the US. Skincare is the largest segment of the beauty industry. The average woman purchases $1,500 worth of skincare products alone.Over 60% of woman purchase beauty products online.

This ebook is over 8000 words and includes 9 bath recipes, 8 scrubs, 3 Body wraps, 16 Skincare Recipes, 9 Hair treatments, and 5 Nail treatments. Find out more at Pamper Yourself Like a Princess

Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe PLR Package

dog healthy and safe

Get your fair share of this multi-billion dollar market now with this huge private label rights content --- PLR --- package Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe in the dog niche. There are so many options to make money from the dog niche. Dog training, dog food, dog books, dog accessories, dog beds and crates, dog leashes and collars. The opportunities are seemingly endless.

This strategic bundle plr package includes includes 6000+ word ebook, 12 articles of 400 to 500 words each. 21 Autoresponder series of 100 to 150 words each, 12 Tweets, 8 Social Media updates 50 to 100 words each, and 5 meme. Find out More about Keep Your Dog Healthy and Safe PLR package.

Summer Golf Extravaganza PLR Package

dog healthy and safe Hit a Hole in One with this Summer Golf Extravaganza PLR package. Grab Your Share of the nearly $70 Billion Golf Market.

This strategic bundle plr package released August 2017 includes5000+ word ebook, Golf on a Budget, 12 articles of 400 to 500 words each and 21 golf tips. This huge package is a total of 15,700 words. Find out more Summer Golf Extravaganza PLR package.

About Our Private Label Rights Content and Us

brian hill dee powerLet Us Introduce Ourselves and Our PLR Content

Brian Hill, my writing partner, and I -- that's me, Dee Power, on the right -- have written thousands, yes thousands of articles, five commercially published books, several self-published books, and ghostwritten guides, reports and books.

We've also written two novels, edited our dogs' book -- yes Rose and Kate, our dogs have written a book. It's in the sidebar. Writing is what we do for a living.

Good content is the path to a profitable website.
What are your choices?

Write it yourself and spend hours researching, writing, and polishing the material. If you don't like to write or don't have the talent, you probably won't update your content as often as it should be. The search engines give a higher priority to sites that are updated on a regular basis.

Hire a ghostwriter. Good ghostwriters aren't cheap. You could spend thousands of dollars a month. Or you could hire a cheap ghostwriter. But for the most part you get what you pay for. $5.00 buys you 500 words written by someone whose first language isn't English. Is that how you want your business represented? If you want a professional ghostwriter for articles and ebooks we can do that for you through our ghostwriting services.

Use free articles from directories. If you do, you must use the article without any changes and leave the author's website url intact. AND leave the article directory's url intact. The article is a free advertisement for the author and the directory. It invites traffic to leave your site. You certainly don't want that.

Why Use Our Private Label Rights Content?

Don't think of our PLR package just as STELLAR, UNIQUE content, all prepared and ready to be sold to generate profits--even though it is.

--Think of this PLR package as a foundation of your overall Internet marketing plan. If your marketing plan is a roadmap for success, this PLR package is the fuel you need to keep moving down the road toward your sales goals.

Wouldn't you rather focus on driving traffic to your site instead of on content creation? Maybe you like to sell rather than write. Marketing is your passion…GREAT! We are here to do the writing for you. Not just the writing, either. We take a strategic approach to designing and packaging this content--to help you stand out from the pack of other websites and internet marketers.

Your time is valuable--make sure you focus on what you do best.

Save literally HUNDREDS OF HOURS by using our already-created, ready-to-go PLR Strategic Bundle. Think of what an hour of your time is worth and multiply it by those hours saved…

Or, think of the cost if you hired someone on a freelance basis to research this topic and write all of this content. Again, many, many times what we are charging for this PLR package.

To succeed with Internet marketing, you need information products to sell. Consumers and readers visit the Internet in order to get the information they need to make their lives better, to become financially successful, even to reach their health and fitness goals.

Harness the POWER OF THE TOPIC combined with the POWER OF THE CONTENT. Our content is powerful because it is engaging, compelling, and professionally written.

Our PLR packages are designed to let you benefit--by building your business--from topics that get some of the highest number of searches on the Internet. But we do more than that. The search ranking is of little value if the readers who visit the site do not think the content is of good quality. We focused on providing USEFUL information that the reader can benefit from IMMEDIATELY. And as professional writers for more than 15 years, we know how to write content that is ENGAGING AS WELL AS INFORMATIVE. If we didn't thoroughly understand how to create compelling content, we could not have succeeded in the highly competitive publishing industry.


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