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Press Release Distribution Service

Dee PowerOur press release distribution is a little different. We have compiled our own proprietary database of newspaper editors, business editors, sports editors, sports reporters, and book review editors, nearly 900 contacts. These aren't generic editor@bigimportantnewspaper.com addresses, but personalized email addresses directed to the specific editor.

Our database is comprised of news media located in the United States. There is no International distribution.

Your release will be distributed to the appropriate editor by email. Of course not every editor will receive every release. It wouldn't make sense to send a release about new software to a sports editor, or book review editor.

While we send out the releases, in most cases the responses from the editors will go directly to you.

There is no guarantee that any editor will be interested in your release. That depends on the news worthiness of the release, how well it's written and what else is going on in the world at the moment.

There's more…

In addition we will post the release to:

5 different general interest blogs on three different networks. These are our own blogs. The links in the press release will be live and linked to your site.

3 online press release directories. You will receive the list of sites.

What Does It Cost?

We have two programs. A one time distribution for $39.00. The $39 includes the blog posts, social bookmarking sites, and online directories. Your release will be emailed to nearly 400 newspaper editors, and, if appropriate in our judgment, the additional 104 business editors, 220 book review editors and 100 sports editors.

Elite Distribution which consists of 3 distributions over a 4 week period for $69.00. We will change the headline of your release, with your approval of course, and distribute the release with a new headline every other week to our newspaper editor database. Your release will be sent immediately, two weeks from the first distribution, and then 4 weeks from the first distribution. Each time with a different headline but the body of the release remaining the same.

Once your release has been distributed there are no refunds. We do not guarantee that your release will get picked up by any media or generate any interest. We do not distribute releases on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. We don't distribute more than 4 releases on any one day. You may have to wait a few days to have your release distributed, but we will do it as quickly as possible. The distribution reaches newspapers in the United States only.

How It Works

Write your press release. Check the grammar and spelling. You can see the format for a press release here, as an example. Decide whether you want the one time release distribution service for $39 or the Elite service (3 distributions over 4 weeks)for $69.00.

Yes, I want to distribute my press release for $39.00

I'm going for the Elite Service at $69.00. I want my press release to be distributed 3 times over a 4 week period.

Email your release as a plain text document to dee@(nospam)privatelabelreport.com You may include two links in the release and they should be at the end. Include your name, phone number, and email address in the release as the contact for the media. If you don't include your phone number the release probably won't get picked up.