Sleep Solutions PLR Package

Sleep disorders affect 60 million people in the United States.
Thatís 30% of the adult population.

Nearly everyone has had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. It's a common problem affecting all ages from children to grandparents. You go to sleep at a reasonable hour but toss and turn. Or you wake up over and over again.

It's critical to get a good night's sleep, but sometimes it's a struggle. Addictive sleeping pills aren't the answer. You want to wake up refreshed not groggy.

This package gives your subscribers 52 ways to get a sound nights sleep, plus much more.

Sleep Disorder Treatments is a $50 billion a year market and growing fast.

Lack of sleep leads to serious health problems such as:

sleep disorder plr packagesHeart disease

fall asleep fast plr packagesHeart attacks

stay asleep plr packagesHeart failure

sleep disorder plr packagesIrregular heart beat

sleep disorder plr packagesHigh blood pressure

beat insomnia plr packagesStroke and diabetes

Not only does not enough sleep have life threatening consequences it affects day-to-day functioning.

The Center for Disease Control and Preventions says lack of sleep is linked to accidents, on the job mistakes, impaired energy, fatigue, and emotional and mental instability.

90% of those suffering from depression also suffer from insomnia as well

100,000 auto crashes per year are a consequence of fatigue resulting in 1550 crash related deaths.

Lack of Sleep impairs:


beat insomnia plr packagesAttention

stay asleep plr packagesAlertness

dee Power plr packagesConcentration

Sue Fleckenstein sleep disorder plr packagesReasoning and Problem solving

how to fall asleep fast plr packagesDeep sleep cycles consolidate memories of the previous day. Miss those sleep cycles and your memory falters.

Sleep deprivation affects your daily life

It kills your sex drive

Ages your skin

Causes your body to release more cortisol and less human growth hormones

Causes you to gain weight

Increases hunger and appetite

Stimulates cravings for high-fat, high carbohydrate foods

Hinders tissue repair and healing

Lack of sleep leads to depression which worsens insomnia in a vicious cycle.

Sleep Disorder Treatment PLR Package

Dee PowerThis SLEEP Disorder PLR package presented by Dee Power provides everything you need for your health and wellness blog or website.

Dee Power's articles have appeared on numerous websites. She's also the author of several commercially published books. She's written thousands, yes thousands of freelance articles.

Here is whatís included:

fall asleep fastEbook 52 Tips and Tricks To Help You Sleep Soundly
Natural remedies, supplements, exercises
and lots more. One tip for every week of the year.

Did you know that there's a childhood game that can help you fall asleep. Or that passion flower extract works as well as the presription drug valium in helping you relax?

There's 50 more tips in this 3,000 word ebook.Plus a list of foods high in sleep producing tryptophan, potassium, magnesium and melatonin as a word doc. Below are the pages of the 10 page document.Cover graphic is included.

fall asleep fastfall asleep fastfall asleep fastfall asleep fastfall asleep fast

fall asleep fast

fall asleep fastfall asleep fastfall asleep fastfall asleep fast

List of 12 sleep disorder aids on Amazon. You don't have to spend hours trying to find products on Amazon.
The work is done for you.fall asleep fast

12 social media posts fall asleep fast

AND 8 posters of sleep inducing foods.

Dee PowerDee PowerDee Power

Dee PowerDee PowerDee PowerDee Powerfall asleep fast

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You've seen, and possibly even purchased, PLR content that was bland, boring, and poorly written. Our PLR shows our commitment to and excitement about, our topics.

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Because of the nature of PLR Content and Digital Downloads we don't offer refunds on this product. You can see the full details of the product on this sales page before purchasing. Sleep Disorder Treatment FE Package


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