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The average bride spends $28,000 on her wedding. And that doesn't include the bridal party attire, travel expenses for guests or wedding gifts. There are over 2 million weddings each year in the U.S. alone.

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Brides take from 6 months to a year to plan their weddings. NOW is the time to grab this Weddings on a Shoestring BudgetPLR package.

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budget wedding plr packagesThe average wedding dress costs over $1,500 but can reach $10,000.

cheap wedding plr packagesWedding cakes cost from $2.00 to $10.00 per guest. So a cake that serves 200 is $2,000.

save money on wedding plr packages$237 is the amount spent on each wedding guest and the average wedding has nearly 150 guests.

weddings on a shoesgring budget plrMany online bridal shops, such as and offer affiliate programs. They offer more than just dresses but also favors, invitations, and more.

plr packages Amazon shows nearly a quarter of million wedding products, equipment videos and books. And that's just Amazon.

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9000+ word ebook, Weddings on a Shoestring Budget

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and 21 wedding tips

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Wedding Cakes

Bridal Party Attire

Wedding and Engagement Rings




Invitations, Thankyou cards and Save the Date

Wedding Gifts

Dee Power This content is written by Dee Power whose wedding articles have appeared on numerous websites. She's also the author of several commercially published books. She's written thousands, yes thousands, of freelance articles.

Every bride wants to save money on their wedding so their $28,000 goes further. You can show her how to save money on flowers, cakes, dresses, favors, decorations, food, and even her wedding rings, while you make money yourself.

Set up a wedding blog or website to take advantage of this huge market.

plr packagesCombine the articles into several wedding guides, say one on receptions, one on wedding cakes and one on wedding flowers.

plr packagesSet up a newsletter for your subscribers. Brides start planning their weddings from 6 to 24 months out. Lots of time for you to make sales.

plr packagesGive away the Tips as a bonus to attract subscribers to your list.

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Weddings on A Shoestring Budget

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Here's what's included in the Weddings on a Shoestring Budget PLR Package

Weddings On A Shoestring Budget 9000 word ebook Chapter Outline

Chapter 1 First Things First: Establish a Budget Sit down with that special someone and determine how much you can afford to spend on your wedding.

Chapter 2 Don't Spend a Fortune on the Flowers It's your wedding day and youíve always pictured yourself with a stunning bouquet and fabulous floral arrangements. Then you go shopping and the sticker shock is the only thing thatís stunning.

Chapter 3 Your Wedding Dress and Your Bridesmaids: Beautiful and Affordable Wedding dresses can cost thousands of dollars, just look at the latest celebrity bride. But yours doesnít have to. You can be beautiful and stay on a budget. There are alternatives to spending a small fortune on your wedding attire.

Chapter 4 Glorious Gifts for Your Wedding Party Traditionally the bridal couple gives a token of their appreciation to each member of the wedding party, but those tokens add up to a chunk of change. Give a memorable gift without emptying your piggy bank.

Chapter 5 Keepsakes for Your Guests That Wonít Max Out Your Credit Card. Every bride would like her guests to take away something more than just beautiful memories from her wedding. But those mementos reach a hefty total in no time.

Chapter 6 Cutting the Costs on Your Wedding Cake A multi-tiered wedding cake beautifully decorated is an important part of any brideís dream wedding, but the price tag can give you nightmares. Use these tips to take a bite out of the bill.

Chapter 7 Conserve Your Cash While Your Guests Eat, Drink, and Be Merry Catering drains your checking account faster than a leaky bucket. But you can plug the holes and still provide your guests a fabulous feast.

Chapter 8 Delightful But Affordable Decoration Ideas First Impressions Set the Mood for the Wedding Festivities. Greet guests at your reception with balloons, fountains and flowers.

Chapter 9 Just for Fun Every bride looks for a way to make her special day, well extra special. Here are some ideas that cost just a few pennies.

Chapter 10 Save on Your Engagement and Wedding Rings Do you know how diamonds are valued? When you do, you'll be able to find the perfect rings at an affordable price.

Chapter 11 Photography Tips After all, a photographer is essential when it comes to preserving memories of the day. There is no second chance to capture the festivities.

Chapter 12 Practical Printing Pointers Save the date cards, response cards, menus, programs, reception cards and of course the invitation itself plus envelopes cost a pretty penny.

Article Titles

Wedding Dresses Weren't Always White 405 words

Elegant Silk, Taffeta or Velvet? 469

Formal or Informal: Which Style is Right for You? 475

Styles of Wedding Gowns 402

Send Your Wedding Guests Home With More than Warm Wishes 407 words

Fabulous Fall Wedding Flowers 405 words

Glorious Spring Wedding Flowers 443 words

Wedding Favors on a Shoestring Budget - Ideas For Spring 456 words

Wedding Without Flowers Just Wouldn't Be a Wedding 402 words

Champagne Wedding on a Strictly Beer Budget 489 words

Weddings on a Shoestring Budget - Think Small to Save Big on Food 470 words

Bridesmaids and Ushers: Is That All There Is? 413 words

And You Receive 21 Wedding Tips

These tips average over 200 words each. Perfect for blog posts or social media updates. Combine two or three tips into an article.

There's only three things you can't do with this material: Resell it as PLR, sell the photographs/images or use my name as the author.

There are no refunds for this product.


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